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Energy Tapping

This service is based on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as developed and taught by Gary Craig.

Does your body and brain go “lights out”, “lockup”, “freeze” or “go blank” in a job interview, speaking up at a meeting or when you are presenting an idea to your boss?

EFT and hypnosis are powerful tools that can help you relax, clear the fog and connect with your inner strength.

EFT is a very flexible technique and is also used successfully to help people deal with Pain, Anxiety, Fears and the impact of traumatic events on the mind and body.

EFT is taught as a powerful method to relieve cravings in the Weight Management and Stop Smoking programs.

“Energy Tapping is available for $60 per single session, packages of 5 for $245 or packages of 10 for $398”.

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