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Q: I have heard that you can get “stuck” in a hypnotic state, is that true?

A: No. There is no recorded instance of a person getting “stuck” in a hypnotic state. Hypnosis is a natural state. We all pass through that dreamlike state on the way from full conscious awareness into sleep and the way back from sleep to full conscious awareness. No one ever gets stuck on the way to sleep or the way back to a waking state and no one ever gets “stuck” or “lost” in a hypnotic trance.

Q: I am concerned about being under the control of someone else. Will you be able to make me do things I do not want to do?

A: No. You are always in control. The subconscious mind is very focused and very alert. You will be aware of what occurs during the hypnotherapy session. You may even recall everything that is said when you return to full conscious awareness. If a suggestion were to be made that was not in agreement with your basic beliefs you would either simply not respond, or you would return to conscious awareness.

Q: What about telling you things that I might prefer to keep to myself if I were conscious?

A: The same principle applies. If there is something that you absolutely do not wish to share, you would either not respond, or you would return to conscious awareness.

Q: I have seen videos on You Tube where people were hypnotized and did some very silly things. How does that fit in with the idea that I am always in control? It looked to me like the hypnotist made those people stand up in front of a group of strangers and do things like quack like a duck.

A: I have seen those videos too. People who participate in stage show hypnosis events are screened to be sure they will go into a hypnotic trance very easily and quickly and they have all volunteered to participate. The fact that they go into trance so easily makes the process dramatic. The hypnotist touches them on the forehead, or speaks a cue word and they immediately drop into a trance. They are like the person who jumps up to participate in Karaoke. They want to enjoy a moment on stage and are willing to act a bit silly as part of the show. If the hypnotist were to suggest something that they were not willing to do (and he or she would be careful to avoid that) the subject would not cooperate.

Q: I am afraid that I might relieve something that I have buried away in my memory, something very upsetting. Could that happen?

A: Yes, it could, in fact that might be the goal of a hypnotherapy session. Let me explain. People generally seek hypnotherapy to resolve an issue that troubles them.

If, for example, they are struggling with a fear or phobia the path to resolution may involve going back to the event that triggered the fear or phobia. The hypnotherapist is trained to help the client work through the original event in a manner that does not retraumatize the client, trained to release the negative emotional energy bound up in that experience and remove the effects of that experience-the fear or the phobia. Energy tapping is particularly helpful in that process.

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