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Are You Ready To Stop Smoking Now?

This is important, the decision to Stop Smoking must be yours. YOU need to be committed to the change.

If you have truly made the decision to become tobacco free-this program will work for you. You will become tobacco free, and stay tobacco free, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.”

The program is not a simple matter of my saying… are sleepy and you hate cigarettes….. kind of deal. We need to understand why you smoke and the patterns of smoking to be sure you have strategies in place to manage those situations successfully. I do this on a case by case basis.

We will use the combination of behavioral intervention, hypnosis, energy tapping and The Havening Technique© that is the right fit for you.

The basic Stop Smoking program is available for $60 per session, or a 5 session package for $245. Clients typically participate for 5 sessions, up to 3 to really get on track with the program and then 2 follow-ups spread out over 2-3 months to keep up their momentum and lock in their success. Some clients purchase the package and then “bank” a session or two in the event they face a situation in the future that triggers the urge to use tobacco again.

I have a 97% success rate. Those who follow the program STOP SMOKING FOREVER!

Call or text 480.528.9757 with any questions you have and to schedule your first session.  If you would prefer to email me, click here.