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Basic Weight Management Program

This is NOT a DIET.  Diets are temporary.  You start a diet, you lose the weight you want to lose and then the diet is over. You regain the weight you lost because the diet is over and you go back to your old habits!

Our package is not based on giving up all the foods you like, never having ice cream again or counting calories the rest of your life.  Our plan is about permanent weight management.

The basic Weight Management program is available for $60 per session, or a 5 session package for $245. Clients typically participate for 5 sessions, up to 3 to really get on track with the program and then 2 follow-ups spread out over 2-3 months to keep up their momentum.

During the process many clients discover an underlying issue that is driving their weight
gain. We focus on that issue, resolve it, and they find that the mysterious block to releasing that unwanted extra weight is gone.

For folks considering Lap Band Surgery, we offer the Granger Virtual Gastric Band (GVGB) Program.

No Surgery

No Side Effects

Positive Long-term Results

The GVGB program includes the same no cost consultation as the Basic Program, 4 formal sessions and  1 follow up session and 2 support CDs.

The full GVGB Program is available for only $299. Call TODAY!

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